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Robot Rocket Origins

As all show houses do, the Robot Rocket Residence began as a solution to a problem. There’s not enough venues, the bands are unknown, it’s too short of notice, someone cancelled, someone flaked.

During spring break of 2007, a combination of those landed prolific Utah troubadour Drew Danburry and his Chico-based tourmate Aubrey Debauchery in my living room.
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Within a sweltering hell of overheated bodies, synthetic smoke and deafening avalanches of noise exists one of the coziest homes I’ll ever know.

The DAM Haus is a quaint single-family-sized bungalow in Davis, California’s oldest residential neighborhood. Since 1989, the lease has passed through a series of DJs from KDVS, the UC Davis student radio station...
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As KDVS publicity director, I produced the quarterly programming guide and magazine KDViationS, a collection of our DJs' and volunteer staff's feature stories, reviews, interviews, photos, artwork and poetry.

My duties included leading brainstorm meetings, setting deadlines, editing all content, designing the layout, picking up all 6,000 copies from the printer, then distributing. I especially enjoyed writing the introductory letters from the editor. Keep reading→


A few haiku poems I wrote while traveling in Okinawa were included in the summer 2010 issue of Sacramento poetry journal WTF?? Keep reading→