and these are her web experiments

WordPress Powers Politics

WordPress Powers Politics

While interning with WordPress VIP, I collected CMS information from all political candidates and parties in the 2012 election, determining how many sites use WordPress. A designer used the data to build this infographic, which was featured on Mashable and other tech blogs. See blog post→

LosAngelEATS Plantain page

Multimedia Storytelling

My advanced web journalism class at USC explored Los Angeles’ food subcultures, and I followed the story of a family-run plantain chip business down the street from my house in South Central. I built off the playfulness of the chips with a JQuery-powered animated GIF comic strip. Launch site→

Gamelan Culture in L.A. site

Master’s Thesis Project

The culmination of my USC graduate studies focuses on CalArts’ Balinese performance group, Gamelan Burat Wangi. The project consists of a magazine-style feature story, photo gallery, video and interactive audio player to hear individual gamelan instruments. Launch site→

L.A. HandPrints site

L.A. Arts Story Collaboration

Along with a team of classmates, we researched printmaking in Los Angeles, built a WordPress site as a forum for printmakers, accepted online submissions of artwork, had viewers vote on their favorites, and then hosted a real-life gallery show to meet the artists and our audience. Launch site→