and these are her audio experiments

Radio Documentary

I produced this radio documentary about a “queer, tragic women of color” music collective that aired on KPFK, Los Angeles. Read more→

Okinawa CD Compilation

This is a collection of sounds and songs from Okinawa, Japan, that I recorded and edited. The CD includes a full-color booklet of stories and photos. Stream on Bandcamp→

Max/MSP Gamelan Sampler

My final project for the electronic music class at UC Davis was building this virtual gamelan sampler in Max/MSP. Read more→

Audio Collages

Spam Poetry Song

KDVS Wins station ID

Festival Blogging

I participated in the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, recording live music and interviews for short audio blog entries.

  • Call of the Arabber Fruit Vendors
  • What's Your Favorite Word?
  • Teaching Garifuna Music and Language

Audio Recording for Film

Some audio I recorded during the 10th and final What the Heck? music festival in Anacortes, Washington, was used for a short film about the underground event.

Phoning It In

I hosted a radio show called “Phoning It In,” where we call bands from the studio and they play a live set over the phone. Read more→

Field Recordings

Cicada Symphony at Yotsuya Station

two dudes breaking into a car in Seattle

UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble

I was a member of the UC Davis Gamelan from 2007 to 2011, first as a curious student and then as a graduate too hooked to quit. Under the direction of Dr. Henry Spiller, the group performs in the Sundanese style of West Java, Indonesia.